A/B Testing

Your Real-Time Analytics

When you have theĀ A/B Testing tool, it lets you easily create experiments and compare different versions of your website or app and it will automatically detect which variation increases your revenue or conversions.


A/B tests are also known as experiments or split tests. In an A/B test you show two or more different variations to your users (visitors) and the variation that performs better wins. When a user enters the experiment, a variation will be randomly chosen and the user will see this variation for all subsequent visits. CEOMetrics A/B testing uses advanced statistical analysis to detect which variation performs better for your conversion goals and success metrics.

Reporting features

  • Get an overview over all experiments in just one page.
  • Once an experiment is running:
    • Shows the description, hypothesis and goal of the experiment in the report of the experiment.
    • Shows an evolution of your success metrics for each variation.
    • Shows how the different variations compared between each other, for each of your success metrics.
    • Shows notifications for each success metric once a potential winner or loser is detected.
    • Makes sure the results are statistically significant and enough visitors or users have entered the experiment.
  • Segment A/B testing reports by any existing segments.
  • Segment your reports by experiments and variations.

A/B Testing Example