Multi Channel Conversion Analytics

Your Real-Time Analytics

When you acquire visitors, one of the most challenging question is to know on which channels to spend your money and how much. One of the most important sources for this kind of information is to measure which channels or referrers are the most successful and lead the most to your goal conversions and Ecommerce sales compared to your spending.

The problem is that most analytics tools only show you the channels for the last non-direct visits. However, in reality, multiple channels contribute to a conversion as a visitor often visits a website several times from different channels before they convert a goal. This means having only a look at the last visit doesn’t give you an accurate representation of the most successful channels.

The Multi Channel Conversion Analytics gives you a better understanding of your media spending by letting you apply different attribution models to find out which channels really lead to a conversion or purchase. You can compare the different models next to each other and see how you need to shift your spending from one channel, ad, or campaign to another.



  • Identify valuable referrers that you did not see before
  • No longer falsely over-estimate any referrer or marketing channel
  • Make better decisions on how to shift your marketing spending to increase your profit
  • Gain more visitors by focussing on the channels that actually contribute the most to your conversions and revenue
  • Optimize your ad-spending and improve its efficiency
  • Better understand your visitors journey
  • Get a clearer view of the entire acquisition process from beginning to the end
  • 100% data ownership

Multi Channel Conversion Analytics Examples