Funnels Tracking

Your Real-Time Analytics

No matter what type of website or app you have, whether you are trying to get your users to sign up for something or sell products, there is a certain number of steps your visitors have to go through. I bet the same applies to you.

Have you ever wondered if your visitors or users actually follow that path in your website or app? And wondered where you lose your visitors? Where they maybe get confused? Want to see when something is not working anymore? Maybe you have a multi step signup form or onboarding process? On every step you lose visitors and therefore potential revenue and conversions.

If you are wondering about such things like we do, or want to drive your conversions and sales, we have something for you. Funnels visualizes the steps your users take to complete a goal or purchase to instantly see how well they succeed or fail at each step. When you have it, you can evaluate your success and improve your website or app to boost your conversion rates (CRO) and sales based on the information it provides. In one of our funnels we once noticed users often left our website because of unimportant links that were shown too eye-catching and suddenly we increased conversion rates by 10%, simply by removing a few links.

Funnels helps you to increase your conversions, sales and revenue with your existing traffic by

  • finding out where your visitors have problems
  • finding out where they don’t understand the flow of your website
  • finding out where a bug on your website or app occurs
  • finding other problems that get in the way of converting your goals

Get ultimate insights into your funnels with these unique features

  • See at a glance how your funnels are converting in the funnels overview page
  • See how changes you make on your website is affecting user behavior and funnel conversions over time
  • View detailed visitor details and all the actions after entering a funnel or a specific step of your funnel
  • See how segments of your audience flow through your marketing funnel and optimize your flow for these specific segments of users

Funnels Tracking Example