Activity Log

Your Real-Time Analytics

Get a detailed audit log of all activities happening in your Analytics for increased security, risk management, and problem diagnostic.

Are you having other users on your Analytics platform and care as much about security as we do? Ever had the problem that you were asked what happened to a website and you couldn’t answer it? Does your customer or co-worker claim they have changed nothing but something was deleted? Wonder who created a specific goal or website? Being a little scared about giving a new user access to all your data? Want to see when someone is trying to log in to your Analytics platform? Or maybe your company is required to keep an audit trail? We hear you.

With Activity Log, also known as audit log or audit trail, you keep an eye on everything that is happening in your Analytics platform. It lets you easily identify problems, improves security, and risk management. The chronological log allows you to quickly review the actions performed by members of your organization or clients, and also lets every user review details of their own actions ensuring peace of mind.


  • Helps your business or organization to remain organized
  • Indispensable when dealing with unforeseen circumstances, for example security violations, system flaws, or performance problems
  • Lets you quickly identify problems and easily troubleshoot issues
  • See clearly who did what, and when
  • Find out when someone has overwritten someone elses change
  • At a glance, see who logged in or out, who created a new website or goal, when a new plugin was installed or updated, and much more

Example of Activity Log