Search Engine Keywords Performance

Your Real-Time Analytics

With our Search Engine Keywords Performance tool, you will get back deep insights about all the keywords that people are searching for when clicking on your websites. All of your keywords directly into your familiar CEOMetrcis Analytics reports. The biggest search engines are providing tools and APIs that allow us, website owners, to get the list of our keywords along with the critical metrics Impressions, Clicks, Click Through ratio and Average position in the Search results page. This tool makes it easy for you to connect to the APIs and will automatically import your valuable keyword data into CEOMetrics Referrers reports.


  • New Search Keywords report in Referrers section.
  • View Keywords analytics by search type (web VS image VS video).
  • View combined Keywords across all search engines (Google + Bing + Yahoo).
  • Monitor Keyword rankings and Search Engine Optimisation performance for each keyword with Row Evolution.
  • New Crawling overview report show how Search engines bots crawl your websites.
  • View crawling overview key metrics: crawled pages, total pages in index, total inboud links, robots.txt exclusion page count, crawl errors, DNS failures, connection timeouts, page redirects (301, 302 http status), error pages (4xx http status), internet error pages (5xx http status).
  • Import the detailed list of search keywords for Google search, Google images and Google Videos directly from Google Search Console.
  • Import the detailed list of search keywords from Bing and Yahoo! search directly from Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Lists all page crawling errors.
  • View all crawling errors with detailed reasons like server errors, robots.txt exclusions, not found pages, …
  • View inbound links and sitemaps containing pages having crawling issues for the Google search engine.
  • Possibility to add support for Yandex (contact us).
  • Get your Keyword analytics SEO reports by email to you, your colleagues or customers.
  • Export your Keyword analytics report using the Search Keywords Performance Monitor API.

Search Engine Keywords Performance Example