Form Analytics

Your Real-Time Analytics

Let me ask you two questions. Do you have forms on your website, intranet, or web application? Do you hate losing your visitors on your forms and leaving revenue on the table? If you feel like us, we have got you covered.

Form Analytics gives you all the insights you need to increase your form conversion rates with 100% data ownership.

Whether it is a sign-up form, squeeze page, landing page, newsletter form, checkout, cart, feedback form, job application form or a survey. Online forms have become super critical to all kind of businesses. The problem is, you can only improve what you measure. Otherwise, you never really know what to change on your forms, and whether you make things worse or better.

When you have Form Analytics, you will make decisions based on the facts it provides and optimize your forms.

With this tool, it will measure how your visitors interact with your forms and give you all the important insights. It lets you know how often a form was viewed, started, submitted, re-submitted, and converted. Find out how much time your users spent on your forms or fields, how long they hesitated, and discover which fields are unneeded, which fields cause problems, pain, or confusion, and much more.



  • Make better, reliable decisions for your organization or business
  • Lose less visitors on your forms and as a result increase your conversions & revenue
  • Find all the pain points on your forms so you can increase the number of users that start interacting with your forms, and the number of users that complete your forms
  • Keep an eye on what is happening right now and make faster decisions with real-time reports
  • Tracks your forms out of the box, in most cases no setup and no developer needed
  • Works with traditional forms, ajax forms, and dynamically created forms
  • Lets you apply new form segments to all of your existing CEOMetrics reports, and existing CEOMetrics segments to your form reports so you can segment your market and optimize your forms for different personas and user groups
  • Measures form and field times accurately, and takes features like auto-focus and auto-fill into consideration
  • View the form reports from anywhere while you are on the go with our CEOMetrics Mobile app
  • Perfectly integrated into CEOMetrics
  • 100% data ownership

Form Analytics Example